Annette Kielkopf, LMFT, LPC

For over 20 years, Annette has specialized in working with children, adolescents, and families—helping them to create the lasting change they need to live satisfied, connected lives.

With true insight into children and the family dynamic, Annette’s expertise in Play Therapy, her background in education and child development, and her wide-ranging experience in solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral and expressive techniques, helps her provide the highest quality family-oriented services. In addition to children and families, Annette works with couples and individuals, using her experience and training in resolving couples’ conflict, marital therapy, anxiety, depression, trauma and grief to help them find a better tomorrow.

As an experienced family therapist, Annette works with clients to promote overall well being, renew lives, build spirits, and enhance relationships.


Annette’s education started with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and special education from Capital University. She then completed a Masters degree in clinical counseling from Boston University, as well as a post-masters certificate in marriage and family therapy from Virginia Tech with a concentration in Play Therapy and couples work. She continues to learn and expand her knowledge, with an ongoing quest to best assist her clients.

Global Background/Culturally Diverse Experience

Having lived, worked and studied internationally, as well as various places throughout the United States, Annette has gained a depth of experience that enhances her practice today. She has worked in university settings, special education classrooms, hospitals and day treatment programs. All of these experiences have given her a rich understanding of people: what makes them click, human nature, cultural influences, and the broad spectrum of mental health. She is grateful for her diverse and unique educational opportunities, and is honored to have worked with, studied with, and been mentored by highly regarded therapists, teachers, and mental health experts.


LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) VA
LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) VA
Virginia Board of Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapy

Professional Memberships

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
American Counseling Association
Association for Play Therapy

A new way forward

Sometimes the idea of a new possibility, or the path through a tough situation, is hard to see. In difficult times, it can feel like there is no way to change—or that “this way” is the "only way."

The truth is there is hope. I can help you make positive changes in your relationships and with yourself by working through each problem, one step at a time. My ultimate goal for my clients is to help them take steps to a better place where they can be content, fulfilled, and capable.

Find a new way

A place to begin

New clients sometimes feel discouraged, that a situation won’t improve, or they are uninspired. They are uncertain about the therapy process.

I’ve seen individuals who have felt this way at one time or another—those who have felt little hope—move on, and grow, and change. I’ve seen them truly create a new place in their lives, full of hope, full of love, and full of true enjoyment.

Your place to begin

My promise

The difficult can seem manageable.
Change or endurance can become possible,
and probable.
A better tomorrow, a more enjoyable life,
can be attained.

I promise to guide you through the journey. I promise to sit with you in your time of discomfort, pain, unknowing, or discord and hold onto the hope that will guide you through the process of change, even if you are not able to do so, yourself, at that moment. I promise that wherever you’re at now, is a good place to begin.

My promise to you