How can we get started?

Through this web site, I hope you have gotten an understanding of my practice and how I work. I welcome you to call and speak with me. Our first phone conversation is at no charge. I will answer any questions you have, and give feedback on how we could work together. I can also answer any fee related or insurance questions at this time.

New Client Forms

The following are new client forms, in PDF format, that require a password to open and complete. Please contact me to begin, today.

My office and phone number

1489 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 300   |   McLean VA, 22101
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The next steps towards moving forward…

After our phone call, the next step would be what is called an “intake session,” where you would come into the office and sit down with me. You would learn a little more about the therapeutic process, become more comfortable, and we would handle the necessary paperwork.

The first three sessions will be dedicated to feedback and assessment (to figure out what our goals are and how we’re going to get there).

Then, we will establish goals and begin to implement change.

We will chart and assess throughout the whole therapeutic process to make sure it is working. We will re-evaluate as necessary, troubleshooting and targeting issues.

I truly want success for you – and I honor your time and respect you enough not to waste it. I will be honest with you during this initial period, and I hope you will be honest with me. If we aren’t a good fit, or if I didn’t think I was the best therapist to help you reach your goals, I have a network of trusted colleagues, and I will provide you a referral to someone who is.

Making the first step can be the hard part.

Therapy is a personal matter, and I understand that trying to find a therapist (especially if you’ve never seen one before) can seem scary. I want you to feel comfortable. Communication is the key.

If you feel ready to reach out, I ask you to take that leap of faith. My patients have told me that I am very real, genuine, and down-to-earth. Once we have the first contact, things will begin to fall into place, and we can begin to move forward.