My approach

My goal is for us, together, to find a solution that works for you, your couple, your child, or your family—and to guide you/them through the process of getting there, in a safe, secure environment.

Using a variety of solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and expressive therapies as well as Play Therapy and behavior management in my work, my goal is to help you get to a better life and sense of well being. I use these research-based approaches to help you develop skills that will positively impact your life—to help you come out in a better place—with a better ability to cope. As a family systems therapist, I have broadened my training to work with individuals and their relationships. My core philosophy rests in a problem-solving, solution-focused and competency-based approach, employing behavioral techniques as well as client-centered, structural/strategic, emotionally focused, and psycho-educational theories.

In addition to my training, I am guided by my insight into human nature. I believe that people want to be well, be connected, do well, and have an innate wisdom which enables them to achieve positive outcomes.

Here is some insight into how I work:

  • I understand that every individual is unique. They are starting in different places and their destinations are different. Because of that, I tailor my approach to fit my client’s needs.
  • I am passionate about helping patients by teaching them the skills they need to handle life's challenges. I give hope to clients, and I enable them to stretch their own thinking to create progress. I use therapy to anchor clients, stabilize them, and allow them to move forward and gain composure.
  • My goal is to make the therapy worth their while, so they step outside with tools that can positively impact their life.
  • I work efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively. I am very involved in the journey, guiding clients as they grow and progress. I am creative, adaptable, and understanding. I get the issues and can strategize with you to find the best resolution.
  • I provide a safe, secure, and confidential setting, working in an open, respectful, friendly, and professionally compassionate manner.

My approach focuses on being open, maintaining a positive outlook, and focusing on present day.

My therapeutic method helps individuals to be available to life and to fully partake in it—as well as in the relationships in their lives.

Progressive approach to wellness

To fully enable my clients to live a more productive and enjoyable life, I am progressive and have a contemporary approach when it comes to well being. I promote healthiness: mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, and religiously or spiritually.

As a solution- focused therapist, I realize that the solution can be often be achieved through a collective approach, depending on the patient’s needs and goals. I often add mindfulness activities in my therapy, helping clients gain an understanding of how to be

present, and how to adapt and adjust to the stresses they encounter without being overwhelmed. Self-calming behaviors, exercise, and mindfulness all have an important place in my approach.

I believe in building the “whole” person. Because once a person feels truly whole, life can be a happier, more fulfilling place.

A measured approach: It’s about progress

I believe that therapy should take you somewhere. It should enable progress, and it should help you get to a better place. This is why I track progress at intervals during our time together, so we can measure how far we’ve come, reassess where we’re headed, and adjust our approach if needed—to keep us moving forward.

Since helping you get to a better place and achieving your desired outcome is my top priority, our approach, treatment and progress will be gauged throughout our work. Assessments and other techniques that validate what I explain are used to help us chart growth.

I use evidenced based research techniques and assessments to guide, evaluate, and monitor the progress.

Making effective recommendations, I give a clear analysis of the issues, and a synopsis of what’s going on. I assist in creative problem-solving techniques and empower clients to reach beyond their initial beliefs and thinking.

Open, honest communication

To create a successful environment where we can meet our therapeutic goals, I have found therapy to be most effective collaboratively. Your feedback throughout this process is of the utmost importance to me. It impacts the quality of the work we do.

It is vital for patients to do their best to talk about concerns, behaviors, thoughts and feelings. I want to help you reach your goals, and being as open and honest as you can with the therapy process, will help you get there.

Demystifying the process

Mental health has changed in recent years. Today it is real, tangible, and approachable. Part of my approach is to demystify therapeutic process and explain it. Clear communication makes it seem more accessible, something my clients can embrace in their life.

It’s just real life that you’re going through... these are real struggles and we can work with them.