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Part 3: How to be successfully attuned to your child

Parents succeed at being attuned when they listen, reflect their child’s ideas and thinking, and understanding that by accepting the messages of their child or teen, they foster attunement and support for their child’s development.
This does not mean letting go of values and principles. Parenting is all about these things, primarily: safety, treating others well, and working towards personal goals.

This also does not mean parents need to continually hover over their growing children. The goal of parenting is for a child to be able to function independently of us — and able to engage in meaningful and reciprocal relationships with others.
It is about allowing your child the opportunity to express and work with their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs knowing they are cared for, accepted, and supported regardless.

A child who grows up with an attuned parent is much less likely to rebel against family values and principles. The child feels supported in their self-development journey without the fear of rejection or disappointment that might cause them to detach from their parents.

By being attuned to your child, the gain can be tremendous. Attunement actually fosters the development of the family belief system in the developing child over the long run. So give attunement a whirl.

If you’re not sure you’re on the right track with attunement, I can help.

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